Registration Procedure

The following registration procedure is applicable:

  • Register by clicking on the button above to receive a complete fillable application form.
  • Download the form and complete it.
  • Submit the completed application form to AFM (
  • Make sure you:
    • Complete all the fields and sign the form. Provide the necessary supporting documentation:
      • Copy of Applicant’s ID (or valid passport)
      • Copy of CV – not longer than 3 pages
      • Proof of Senior Certificate or Highest School Level, showing subjects
      • Proof of NQF5 (if relevant)
      • Copy of highest (other) Tertiary qualification
  • Applications will be processed and reviewed by the AFM course committee.
  • AFM will inform each applicant of the outcome of their application, by email.
  • Successful applicants will be issued a pro-forma invoice to effect payment of the full course fee or the first installment (if instalment option was selected) into the bank account of AFM –payment of this invoice is a prerequisite for successful registration.
  • AFM requires proof of payment. before the start of the course. (The course is not viewed as paid because an official invoice have been issued. Upon request, AFM will issue a VAT receipt after full payment has been received.)
  • Once AFM has acknowledged receipt of full payment, course registration will be deemed complete and a registration letter will be issued to the learner.

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum number of successful registrations are required for the live course to be viable. If the minimum number of registrations is not met, AFM will offer relevant learners the Self-study Option at the lower cost, or to refund payment if they prefer to withdraw.

Interested learners are urged to submit registration forms
and support documentation as soon as possible