This course covers 13 modules, which are spaced approximately 3 weeks apart for optimum integration of new knowledge and skills. The list of module topics follows below.

The NQF 6 Course has a minimum weight of 120 credits.

Course content is presented in a practical way, incorporating current events information and simulated trading on the JSE.

Learners have the following options for participation in this edition of the course:

Option 1: Live Online Full Course
(Virtual classroom)

  • The 13 modules, presented in a virtual classroom via the AFM Digital Platform (DLP), spaced approximately 3 weeks apart
  • Study material: textbook, module notes and other relevant documents in electronic format, downloadable from AFM’s digital platform
  • Evidence collection that contributes towards proving competency is done via live online exams and the submission of online assignments – 13 in total, one of each per module.
  • Additional resources provided on the AFM DLP include:
    • Facilitator slides
    • Class examples
    • Pre-recorded module lecture comprising video clips with built-in quizzes to help learners check for understanding.
    • Facilitator support: Learners who are still unsure about specific course content after attending the lecture and working through all the resources, including the video clips and module notes, are welcome to send a detailed email concerning the aspect that requires further clarification by the facilitator or a subject matter expert

Option 2: Self-study

  • Self-study learners are registered on the AFM Digital Learning Platform:
  • With access to the full set of 13 pre-recorded module lectures with all the downloadable resources as listed for Option 1.
  • With access to quizzes that are built-into the set of video clips for every module - these are of great assistance to self-study learners to really understand and integrate module content on their own. Learners have three weeks to work through each module.
  • Live Q&A Session of 1 hour – Self-study learners do not attend full day interactive virtual classroom module lectures, but at a scheduled date and time, before the module exam, they may submit well-worded questions about specific module content they grapple with. These questions will then be clarified by the facilitator in a live Q&A session.
  • As with Option 1, evidence collection that contributes towards proving competency is done via live online exams and the submission of online assignments – 13 in total, one of each per module. Self-study students follow the same date schedule for exams and assignments as learners on Option 1.

Repeating individual modules

Learners who were registered on the full NQF6 course before, but did not achieve the qualification successfully, are granted a window of 4 consecutive years (including the initial registration year) to repeat individual outstanding course modules.

(After the 4 year window learners need to reregister for the full course to ensure that the qualification they eventually achieve is based on current and valid content, knowledge and skills.)

Learners have two options to repeat modules:

  • Repeat based on Option 1 (above):
    Repeat through Live Online Sessions for the respective module/s.
  • Repeat based on Option 2 (above):
    Repeat through Self-study with 1-hour Q&A session per module.

To apply, mark the preferred option and the relevant modules on the Booking Form.