Applicants must have successfully completed an NQF level 5 (or higher) finance-related qualification such as a Degree, Certificate, Diploma or other relevant recognised professional qualification.

Recommended IT

The IT department of the student’s employer has to ‘white label’ the following online activities:

  • View videos and download course materials from the dedicated digital platform (Moodle)
  • Downloading the virtual HP10BII Financial Calculator from the digital platform – Crucial for this financial course. (More details lower down)
  • Completion of online exams/assignments using Moodle software
  • Allowing students to accept bulk emails from AFM for course communication
  • Share trading on the Sharenet platform, part of an assignment

The learner must have a stable and reliable Internet connection.

The learner needs to be fully computer (device) literate

Device requirements

  • Adequate back-up power supply
    • Both for the device and internet connection
    • Fully charged and good battery life
    • Proper webcam & speaker functionalities
    • Software installed: MS Teams, Word, Excel & Acrobat Reader
  • WhatsApp software installed on learner cell phones to facilitate other crucial communications with students
  • Quiet surroundings to ensure uninterrupted on-line exam invigilation and class participation (This is not an IT requirement, but crucial for successful virtual online training)